Curb & Sidewalks

Sommers Construction owns 4 slipform machines, mostly used for concrete curb & gutter but also for machine sidewalk. From large scale highway and city jobs to parking lots, Sommers is experienced in placing every type and size of curb in any application. Our concrete flatwork crews can handle sidewalks, aprons, driveways, ramps, or any type of commercial slab.


Sommers owns a HEM slipform paving machine as well as a trimmer for prep and grading. We have paved city streets as well as sections of state highways. We also remove and replace concrete pavement patches for both small and larger scale projects.


Sommers also specializes in colored concrete and patterns. Virtually any color is available, as well as any pattern for stamped impressions. We have done decorative work for municipalities as well as for the state.


Sommers owns a fleet of 9 different dump trucks for loading and hauling materials such as sand, gravel, asphalt, and concrete. Drivers and trucks can be hired out for your commercial trucking needs.


With 10 backhoes, 8 skidsteers, 5 excavators, and 3 dozers, Sommers Construction can handle any commercial excavation project. Our crews are experienced in sewer work, pipe laying, setting new or used castings, and various types of reconstruction for inlets and manholes. We also own a Leica GPS Rover for shooting grades for pinpoint accuracy in locating and excavating.